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After more unauthorized uses of my wing images being offered as stock than I care to think about, I started thinking seriously about making my own fairy wing stock and selling it for a small fee. After all, there must be a demand for it if I keep catching people making PSD files with my stuff and offering it to the public right?

Bee Fairy Wing PSD files for use in digital artwork

Bee Fairy Wing PSD files for use in digital artwork

So in between my other tasks and during what was supposed to be my downtime I spent a few late nights going ahead and doing just that. I decided to use my most recent design, the fairy Bee Wings, since they are nature’s design after all and I’m not quite as attached to it as some of my others if this whole stock thing ends up somehow making the theft issue worse.

I used a photo of the real life wings and carefully used a combination of the photo and digital painting to make the transparency masks, along with multiple layers to give them the look of iridescence. It’s a tough thing to fake, especially if you also want transparency but I think I’ve achieved what I set out to do. I  have already made many wings for Second Life™, and sadly haven’t been able to stay very active there since my computer is becoming too old to handle the software, but I wanted to make these even a little more realistic if possible. I might just start using this method to make more wings for SL™ if I can get my hands on a good refurbished Mac. In the meantime, I can satisfy my creative need to paint and play with colors by doing this sort of thing. I may even make another stock set that is not a nature design, and make it exclusively for stock use though I’d have to be even better about faking the iridescence. If you want to purchase the stock wings, here is the link to the file on DeviantArt.com: http://faeryazarelle.deviantart.com/art/Fancy-Fairy-Iridescent-Bee-Fairy-Wings-Stock-468551533

Make sure to read all the rules, and have fun with it!



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