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I have had one of my worst nightmares come true – my hard drive died, with all my artwork, business graphics and Second Life™ Photoshop files.

All I have left now are the tga’s I uploaded. Luckily I did upload a natural makeup skin of each tone, but all my editing layers are gone and will have to be re-created. I had been planning on uploading and having a line ready for sale by tomorrow, but obviously my plans are much delayed.

I really feel like all the wind has been sucked out of me, I was so excited to get this new venture going!

By the way if anyone knows of a Data Recovery company with a clean room that has starting costs under $800 do let me know. I realize that would be hard to find, but refuse to believe I will never have my work files back.


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Now, newbies have a choice – no longer must they arrive into SL™ in a somewhat sterile and boring environment, to be left wondering, “what do I do next? Where do I find (fill in the blank)?”

If someone you know wants to join SL™ for the first time and wants to be a part of the fantasy community, now they can enter through the new Orientation Portal at the Faery Crossing Gateway!

Here’s the link

LM’s to fae markets and public areas are easily available, as well as full avatars and fantasy themed outfits free for newbs (you’ll find some from me, and Gypsy Tears too). There is even a ferry, the Faery Ferry, that will take you on a tour around the Faery Crossing lands and bring you safely to the mushroom ring. No more wandering aimlessly about, wondering how to find the faeries. Instead you’ll land right smack-dab into the community you always wished for:)
Intro to the Faery Crossing
Avie freebies for the new fae
through the clouds

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Teasel Wings in EarthTeasel Wings in Mulled WineNow available at all locations, the new Teasel flexi fairy wings. Available in mulitple colors, and as always, hand painted and tintable:)Teasel Wings in Absynthe

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