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Although we still don’t have a building for the new Glamour store, I have released the first series of skins, Avalon, at the main Fancy Fairy store! Located on the top floor in the Skins section.


You get 2 skin tones with each skin purchase, as well as mod brows and a mod shape! Single skins (well, doubles really, due to the 2nd tone) are $400L, sets of 3 are $650L, and the Fatpack for $2000L includes 6 makeups that are not available individually. Free demos are available.

Glamour AvalonSkin2
Glamour Avalon Skin1


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I’ve got my files recovered, and soon the new Avalon makeup line will be released under the Glamour label:)
Glamour Teaser BoardsOak

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A new makeup for the upcoming Glamour skin line, is now available as a group gift to Fancy Fairy Update Group members! It’s free to join, so grab it while you can:) We’re hoping to open Glamour within the week.

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Just a reminder, if you haven’t already grabbed them, go now to the Fancy Fairy update group archives and get these 2 new skins, not yet released! They are part of a new line that will be under the Glamour label, together with my partner in crime, Gypsy Tripsa:)

We’re hoping to have something out in the next week or two, so stay tuned – and in the meantime here are some snaps of the gift skins.
Moss Skin Group Gift
Aether Skin Group Gift

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