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I’ve put out a special edition of the Lace Leaf Lingerie in purple, all proceeds from this outfit go to Relay for Life to further cancer research.

It is currently only available in my main store in Wildewood.

I know I should write up a paragraph or so about why donating something to this cause is important to me, but sometimes it’s hard to go back and look at what we all went thru before my dad passed away from lung cancer. If you’re interested at all in the story, or any of the things I researched about it during that time, I have my myspace blogs here:

I hope that took you to the right page… anyway, you might not want to read it, some of it is harsh… all I would like to think about right now is that I don’t have the money to donate cash and so I’m happy to be able to do something, as small as that is.
LaceLeaf Purple set


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A Lingerie set made entirely of leaves in 4 color variations: Green, Autumn, Icey and Dark.

Partially decayed portions of the leaves leave a lacy and detailed trim on the bra cups which are sprinkled with shimmery dew drops. The same leaf ‘lace’ forms a heart on the front of the bikini and makes a peek-a-boo opening on the back.  A leafy panty ruffle in the back gives a flirty flounce to your rear:)

Comes on multiple layers, with and without the garters, and also includes a ‘bare’ version of the bra. Each set is $199L. Available at the Fancy Fairy flagship store in Wildewood!

LaceLeafDarkset Lace Leaf Icey set LaceLeafAutumnset

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Um, first of all, we just had an earthquake as I’m typing this, argh!!LOL

But on to the post:

I have released new colors of the Cabaret Corset sets in my flagship store in Wildewood. $250L each, they come with the corset on multiple layers, gloves, bikini bottoms also on multiple layers, and fishnet stockings.

Bloody Mary Corset from Fancy Fairy Earl Grey Cabaret Corset by Fancy Fairy Parfait Amouré Cabaret Corset by Fancy Fairy Tequilla Sunrise Cabaret Corset by Fancy Fairy

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