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I’ve taken some snapshots of the new skintones I’m getting ready to release. Feedback is welcome! I have ended up with far more tones than I intended, but I really love offering a wide range for whatever it is I’m putting out.
Are there any tones that you think are not neccessary? I can still see a difference, say, between the Alabaster and Birch, but can anyone else? 😛
Each skin will include a tattooed or embellished version, un-tattooed version, and a couple makeup options.
Eyebrows are modifiable!

Glamour Ebony Skin Glamour Teak Skin Glamour Sandalwood Skin Glamour Oak Skin Glamour Almond Skin Glamour Maple Skin Glamour Alabaster Skin Glamour Birch Skin Glamour Aether 2 Glamour Dark Drow Glamour Aether light Glamour Absinthe Light Glamour Bluebelle Glamour Daffodil Skin Glamour Moss Skin7


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