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I have had one of my worst nightmares come true – my hard drive died, with all my artwork, business graphics and Second Life™ Photoshop files.

All I have left now are the tga’s I uploaded. Luckily I did upload a natural makeup skin of each tone, but all my editing layers are gone and will have to be re-created. I had been planning on uploading and having a line ready for sale by tomorrow, but obviously my plans are much delayed.

I really feel like all the wind has been sucked out of me, I was so excited to get this new venture going!

By the way if anyone knows of a Data Recovery company with a clean room that has starting costs under $800 do let me know. I realize that would be hard to find, but refuse to believe I will never have my work files back.


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A new makeup for the upcoming Glamour skin line, is now available as a group gift to Fancy Fairy Update Group members! It’s free to join, so grab it while you can:) We’re hoping to open Glamour within the week.

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I just had to take photos in this new outfit from my dear friend and hell of a talented SL™ creator, Gypsy Tripsa! Her store is called Gypsy Tears, and this particular outfit that has just been released is named “Sienna”.
I just love the colors and the mixture of lace with earthy textured fabrics.
Not shown, but also included, are a lace choker, henna body tattoo and optional skirt.
I’m wearing the Bloodvine Fairy wings in the Autumn color from my own store, Fancy Fairy.
The skin is a soon to be released one from the upcoming “Glamour” line that Gypsy and I are working on.
The hair, which I am also in love with lately, is called “Huntress” from Fishy Strawberry.
I have to get to work so didn’t have time to find the LM’s to paste here, I’ll try and update later:)

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I’ve taken some snapshots of the new skintones I’m getting ready to release. Feedback is welcome! I have ended up with far more tones than I intended, but I really love offering a wide range for whatever it is I’m putting out.
Are there any tones that you think are not neccessary? I can still see a difference, say, between the Alabaster and Birch, but can anyone else? 😛
Each skin will include a tattooed or embellished version, un-tattooed version, and a couple makeup options.
Eyebrows are modifiable!

Glamour Ebony Skin Glamour Teak Skin Glamour Sandalwood Skin Glamour Oak Skin Glamour Almond Skin Glamour Maple Skin Glamour Alabaster Skin Glamour Birch Skin Glamour Aether 2 Glamour Dark Drow Glamour Aether light Glamour Absinthe Light Glamour Bluebelle Glamour Daffodil Skin Glamour Moss Skin7

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I currently have some special offers up on both iOffer and ebay!
On eBay you’ll find collectibles from my personal collection, and on iOffer there is a special discount on the Retail Azarelle Fairy Wings and the fairy dresses!
Check out my iOffer.com selection here:
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And my eBay auctions here:

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Select items have been marked down at the main Fancy Fairy store in Wildewood. This spring colors, greens, pinks, etc and you will find some great deals! Please note, the discount room, and the already marked down older scripted wings are not included in this sale, as they already sort of are;)
These are just a couple of the things on sale now:
Radiant Rose gown with Aphrodite wings

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