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I’ve just released the Teasel wings in a new White Gold color, and they have a RL counterpart up on eBay right now!

Sorry for the wait on new releases from me, I’ve been a bit swamped with RL wing orders due to it being festival season right now. I promise to come out with something new and exciting soon:)

Here’s the auction link:


Teasel White Gold wings - back view Teasel White Gold Wings front/side view RL Pearlescent Fairy Wings RL White Gold Teasel wings


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Um, first of all, we just had an earthquake as I’m typing this, argh!!LOL

But on to the post:

I have released new colors of the Cabaret Corset sets in my flagship store in Wildewood. $250L each, they come with the corset on multiple layers, gloves, bikini bottoms also on multiple layers, and fishnet stockings.

Bloody Mary Corset from Fancy Fairy Earl Grey Cabaret Corset by Fancy Fairy Parfait Amouré Cabaret Corset by Fancy Fairy Tequilla Sunrise Cabaret Corset by Fancy Fairy

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