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Well it all started with the Flamingo Design challenge – which I sadly missed the deadline for! LOL! But I figured I’d finish the outfit anyway.. and that it would look just as awesome in green. The Flamingo and Absynthe Cabaret sets include:


Scripted and flexi wings

6 skirt variations

Clothing on multiple layers

3 fishnet stocking variations

The boots are NOT included, those are from Tesla:) And the shoes in the Flamingo Cabaret are from Shiny Things. Hair is Paula 2 by ETD.

These are currently only in the Wildewood main store here:

New Fancy Fairy Main Store in Wildewood

I’ve also put the new Goblin, Tendril, and Kira wings out there as well.

Absynthe Cabaret Fae!

Absynthe Cabaret vendor picFlamingo Cabaret set vendor pic


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I’ve released 2 new colors for the Kira scripted wings, and a new Grape color for the Tendril wings. Only at Wing Fling!


Kira wings new colors, Pearl Kira wings in new colors, Ocean

Tendril wings new colors, Grape

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Oh my gawrsh, Abby Coalcliff wrote an article about me, check it out!


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These two styles of skins have been in progress for what seems like forever! Finally they are available at my main store and the smaller market store in Wildewood.

Named after the Isle of Avalon’s Morgaine la Fae (aka Morgan la Fae, Morrigan, the list goes on) the Morgaine skin comes in 8 tones, has mod eyebrows and somewhat subdued eyeshadow. It also features a crescent moon tattoo on the brow (and don’t worry, each skin pack includes a moon-less versison too). It started out with Eloh’s Another Skin Cfo files and I handpainted new stuff from there. I think you’ll find it very much modded from the templates:)

The lovely Morgaine Skin in Porcelaine

Morgaine Skin in Goth tone / Blood lipstickMorgaine Skin in Light / Rose lipstickMorgaine Skin in Mocha / Cinnamon lips

Next up is the Queen Bee makeup, and hey, it goes great with the Queen Bee outfit:) I did have fun painting the eye makeup on this one. Don’t forget, this makeup style is also available in other skintones as the Papillion makeup. All skins come in 3 packs of 3 makeups for $250L.

Queen Bee Skin

Skins are currently only available at the Wildewood locations! Demos available


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It is long overdue, but I  have finally put out some free gifts for spring in my new Wildewood store! I also have finally released some Eloh mod skins I had been working on… sort of… I crashed before I could put in Eloh’s copyright notices and I can’t seem to log in, so in case anyone purchases them before I can fix it, yes, they are Eloh mods:)

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