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I’m releasing my Teasel wing design as real life wings at my fancyfairy.com store, but those will be available in single colors. I wanted to make a pair that looked JUST like the SL wings, however, so I spent a couple nights hand painting the iridescent membrane to make wings that look like the Amethyst version:) They are up for auction on eBay now, and if you want to take a look here’s the link: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&Item=320221348158&Category=82161

This is the first pair I’ve tried to paint like the SL version – and let me tell ya, this stuff is NOT easy to paint. Kinda like, trying to paint on a plastic bag.

Fancy Fairy Teasel RL wings


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I should have done this already, but I have now added all my SL shopping locations including my SL Exchange page. I just added all the new Teasel and Starlight scripted wings to SL Exchange, so feel free to shop without worry of lag or crashing – which I seem to be doing a lot lately.. crashing that is:(

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teasel-flourite-scripted.jpgstarlight-fuschia-vendor.jpgI have just dropped the new Starlight wings into all my stores, in both regular flexi and scripted versions. I have also finally released the scripted version of the Teasel wings. Both scripted packages have an extra bonus set of “resting” positioned flexi wings! They are in the vendors closest to the back wall on the left at both the Fushida and Brythony locations, and at the Faery Crossing they are in the vendor on the left wall at the top near the front. As always, these are all hand painted, copiable and modifiable – yup, that means you can tint them too!


Hair: Cake, Harlow in Maroon and Silver, and Wish in Snow

Skin: Fancy Fairy / Eloh mod skin (not yet released)

Ears: Pointed Ear tips by Lillee designsstarlight-frost-flexi-vendor.jpg

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Teasel Wings in EarthTeasel Wings in Mulled WineNow available at all locations, the new Teasel flexi fairy wings. Available in mulitple colors, and as always, hand painted and tintable:)Teasel Wings in Absynthe

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