So I’ve been a bit bad at updating my blog, almost a year in fact! Coincidentally my last entry was about last year’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, and this year’s show will air in just a couple weeks on December 8th on CBS with 3 sets of wings for the Exotic Butterflies segment. More on that in a following post, right now I’d like to share with you Katy Fairy – erm, Katy Perry that is, wearing a set of Fancy Fairy Titania wings! Here’s a link to the holiday music video / commercial just released for H&M.

These were actually the first set of light up wings I created with Jordan Price, who did the light work. The film set is extrememly bright so you can’t see the lights, but they sprinkled the wings with crystals and even made them flutter to make up for it! So there it is, I had signed an NDA with B. Akerlund (Katy’s stylist) and H&M so I couldn’t say anything about it until now. Below are a few more photos. I know I’m feeling very merry!

Katy Perry in the H&M Holiday commercial / video, from @hm on Instagram

Katy Perry in the H&M Holiday commercial / video, from @hm on Instagram


Vanessa Walton of Creature of Habit in light up Titania wings

Vanessa Walton of Creature of Habit in light up Titania wings, photo © 2015 cassiefuertez.com

Vanessa Walton in the green light up Titania wings

Vanessa Walton in the green light up Titania wings © 2015 cassiefuertez.com

Fancy Fairy Light Up Titania Wings with Green Lights at sunset

Fancy Fairy Light Up Titania Wings with Green Lights at sunset

*Photo of Katy Perry from @HM Instagram account

* Photos in forest setting are © www.cassiefuertez.com

* Remaining photos © Fancy Fairy Wings & Things by Jordan Price

Where do I begin? Well, for a few years now, the dream of having my work in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show seemed to be one of those out of reach goals. Something I fantasized about happening but would have deemed too good to be true.

Devon Windsor in the Giant Dragonfly Iridescent Wings

Devon Windsor in the Giant Dragonfly Iridescent Wings

Elsa Hosk in the large Acorn Fairy Wings

Elsa Hosk in the large Acorn Fairy Wings

Barbara Fialho in the Giant Kira Wings in Blood Velvet

Barbara Fialho in the Giant Kira Wings in Blood Velvet

One day, however, I got an email from someone asking about my Dragonfly wings and needing rush shipping. It turned out it was for VS. I almost thought maybe someone was pulling my leg – too good to be true right?? But no, it was legit, and a few weeks later I sent them off to their offices in New York, anxiously waiting for any word about what they thought of them. I wasn’t sure if I’d know if they would be used for a month or more and even then last minute changes frequently happen. It turned out I’d hear from them sooner than expected and – they loved them. They actually said that. I was on a conference call with chief wardrobe assistants and producers for the show and they were telling me they wanted more. I think I left reality for a minute! It was a really tight deadline, so there was no time for experimentation but I wanted them to be perfect. 2 large and 3 giant sets of wings and it was Halloween season to boot. But this HAD to happen.

I was lucky to have help, and have Jordan Price, Brandy Esparza, and even my mom Colette Enos to thank for being extra sets of hands and keeping my head on straight. My materials vendors all came through for me as well to get everything done by the due date. When the day came to ship the package of giant wings it wouldn’t even fit in my car and Fedex wouldn’t come back for another pickup, so it was her and her Scion to the rescue with JUST enough room for it, with our seats pushed forward as far as they would go and the end of the box resting at the back of our heads while she drove us to the next available Fedex in time for their Express cut-off.

Jasmine Tookes in the large Iridescent Dragonfly wings

Jasmine Tookes in the large Iridescent Dragonfly wings

As you can see from the photos, they all made it. None of the wings broke on the way to London, or got lost like I fretted about, and no one changed their mind and threw them out of the lineup.  I can finally relax, stop worrying and enjoy the show! Barbara Fialho and Eniko Mihalik both wore giant Kira wings in different color schemes, then Devon Windsor and Jasmine Tookes rocked two different sizes of the black and blue Dragonfly wings, and finally Elsa Holsk wore the Acorn wings in a large size. They all looked amazing from what I can glean from the sneak peaks and I’m stupidly excited to see the show this Tuesday night. The only question is, what happens now? No matter what, I’ll always be proud to know I actually made some Angels into Fancy Fairies on one of the most famous runways on the planet.

Eniko Mihalik Fairy Wings Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

Eniko Mihalik in the Giant Kira Iridescent Fairy Wings in Painted Antique Copper, with Hozier performing

Photos used with permission by Gio Staiano for NowFashion.com

Absolutely magical fairy photography has just been published in Kai’ Outi Magazine! It launched yesterday, and you can see more images at Nicole York’s blog entry here:

Fairytale wedding with floating fae bride

Fairytale wedding with floating fae bride

The model in this photo is wearing Teasel fairy wings (no longer available)

Credits below:
Photographer: Nicole York Photographyhttps://www.facebook.com/pages/Nicole-York-Photography/278911346152
MUA: Serena Cook https://www.facebook.com/esotericmakeup
Hair: Laura Klem https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Best-Little-Hair-House/1404556219817885
Body Painter: Jennifer Jensenhttps://www.facebook.com/fenixfaba
Costumes: Elizabeth Ritter https://www.facebook.com/SwiftStitcher

Published in http://www.kaioutimagazine.com/

Models: Ronda Olshefski
Hans Iverson
Jayde Hartman
Jeff Marlatt
Sam Altman
Kayla Altman

© Nicole York, all rights reserved.

I’m excited to present you with the new officially licensed Amy Brown fairy wings from FancyFairy.com!

Official Amy Brown "Bubble Rider" Fairy Wings by FancyFairy.com

Official Amy Brown “Bubble Rider” Fairy Wings by FancyFairy.com

We’ve chosen the all-time classic Bubble Rider wings, along with the more recent Ringmaster. The Bubble Riders are layered and large, with swirling curly tendrils making them an especially fancy set of wings.

The Ringmaster wings are the smaller set, which may be sought after if you have issues with crowded spaces. There is even a Simplicity pattern made to go with the same painting, so you can now have a full costume including wings!

Official Amy Brown "Ringmaster" Wings by FancyFairy.com

Official Amy Brown “Ringmaster” Wings by FancyFairy.com

You can now purchase either of these in any color I have available at http://www.fancyfairy.com/amybrownofficialwings.html

I’ve just started roughing out the vein structure for new officially licensed wings based on Amy Brown’s fairy art!

Amy Brown Fancy Fairy Wings


We’re starting with the Bubble Rider and the Ringmaster, the latter of which has a matching Simplicity pattern available so you can sew your own costume to go with them. The release date is not confirmed yet, I don’t know if they will make it for Halloween but possibly maybe by Faeriecon! The Bubble Rider wings will be a medium / large set, most likely with separate upper and lower panels for the most pose-ability, and the Ringmaster wings will be a smaller simpler set for those who want wings to wear in tight crowds or cosplayers on a budget.

Hello fairies!

I’ve been hard at work playing catch up with orders and I am pretty much back on schedule, woohoo! I’ve also added all new wings to the Silver Edition section on my website!

Acorn Wings

Acorn Wings

Thistle fairy wings

Thistle fairy wings
















See more here: http://www.fancyfairy.com/fairywingsrtl.html

I am also having a sale in my Etsy store today only. Get 15% off any wing style over $175 by entering the code “WINGINGIT” upon checkout. The shop url is http://www.etsy.com/shop/TheFancyFairy. Just a sample of some of the wings on sale below:

Firefly wings

Firefly wings 

Giant Blue Morpho Wings

Giant Blue Morpho Wings  

Giant Fly / Swallowtail Fairy Wings

Giant Fly / Swallowtail Fairy Wings

Faengel Wings

These were commissioned for Gregangelo of Velocity Circus. He wanted angel shaped wings made with the materials I usually use.

Angel Wings in Iridescent Fairy Style for Gregangelo

Angel Wings in Iridescent Fairy Style for Gregangelo

It was challenging to me to get the right look to translate a feather wing design to iridescent film and cut aluminum sheet. I made a secondary layer of wing in front that stops halfway down for some dimension and stylized the design. I’m thinking of calling them Faengel wings, whatcha think?

*Please note this image is NOT stock! Do not use or redistribute without express written permission. Sharing for review purposes is allowed as long as either done via the social media share functions, or as long as full credit is included with a link back to me here or at fancyfairy.com. The only stock I have on offer can be found here:http://faeryazarelle.deviantart.com/art/Fancy-Fairy-Iridescent-Bee-Fairy-Wings-Stock-468551533

After more unauthorized uses of my wing images being offered as stock than I care to think about, I started thinking seriously about making my own fairy wing stock and selling it for a small fee. After all, there must be a demand for it if I keep catching people making PSD files with my stuff and offering it to the public right?

Bee Fairy Wing PSD files for use in digital artwork

Bee Fairy Wing PSD files for use in digital artwork

So in between my other tasks and during what was supposed to be my downtime I spent a few late nights going ahead and doing just that. I decided to use my most recent design, the fairy Bee Wings, since they are nature’s design after all and I’m not quite as attached to it as some of my others if this whole stock thing ends up somehow making the theft issue worse.

I used a photo of the real life wings and carefully used a combination of the photo and digital painting to make the transparency masks, along with multiple layers to give them the look of iridescence. It’s a tough thing to fake, especially if you also want transparency but I think I’ve achieved what I set out to do. I  have already made many wings for Second Life™, and sadly haven’t been able to stay very active there since my computer is becoming too old to handle the software, but I wanted to make these even a little more realistic if possible. I might just start using this method to make more wings for SL™ if I can get my hands on a good refurbished Mac. In the meantime, I can satisfy my creative need to paint and play with colors by doing this sort of thing. I may even make another stock set that is not a nature design, and make it exclusively for stock use though I’d have to be even better about faking the iridescence. If you want to purchase the stock wings, here is the link to the file on DeviantArt.com: http://faeryazarelle.deviantart.com/art/Fancy-Fairy-Iridescent-Bee-Fairy-Wings-Stock-468551533

Make sure to read all the rules, and have fun with it!


I wanted to take a moment to alert you all to a very important issue. It has come to my attention, time and time again, that there are many who view infringement as acceptable as long as the infringing party is not profiting off of the infringement, or that it’s okay if it was found somewhere on the internet, or that ‘fair use’ makes it alright to copy someone’s work. It is truly disheartening to come across these types of comments, as they perpetuate more myths and continue to allow artists’ copyrights to be violated.
It is actually not okay just because there is no profit, not okay just because the image or design was changed a little, not okay if the original artist hasn’t officially registered it with the US copyright office, and still not okay just because the image was traced rather than directly lifted. ALL these instances are still cases of infringement. If there is any question, or if you feel I am mistaken, here is Deviant Art’s excellent explanation of copyright policy in black & white – or maybe sage and dark green – that explains everything you need to know:

There are some great deviants who have purchased wings from me and make some excellent stock photos, though my own images are definitely not stock, and the stock photos featuring artists that are wearing my wings should always be used with credits listed when posting the finished work. I am not okay with photos of my wings, even if they were purchased by the photographer, to be used to make Photoshop brushes or layers for distribution. If you have a set of my wings and have a photo of them being worn and turn it into an art piece, that is of course your right, though it would be wonderful to have a credit listed for them  As you can see in DA’s description, changing a bit of a design will not protect you from the copyright laws if the original artist chooses to take legal action, especially if the work is obviously recognizable as someone else’s. Naming the work with anything that is recognizable as the copied artist’s name, title or business name is also of course a big no-no. This is especially the case when the copying is done in the same medium as the original artist’s work – copying a painting or drawing with another painting, or fairy wing maker copying someone else’s wings for example.  It also is wrong to take a person’s design and offer it to the masses in digital form, such as copying my wing designs either by directly copying my photo or by tracing the design and offering it as a Photoshop file or brush as a download, whether for free or profit.FancyFairycopyrightsign
Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to read the policy, especially if you were unaware before and are willing to accept new information and apply it to your ethics.
If you do ever find yourself in a situation where you have copied someone’s work too closely and are asked by the original artist to either remove the work, change it or add a credit, please be civil and work with the artist. Lashing out angrily and insisting that the original artist has no right to make their requests would only make it more obvious that you don’t respect other artists and their work, and leave you even more open to legal avenues to have your work removed from the public eye.

Hello fairies! I’ve listed the wings used in the Flower Fairies photo shoot for sale in my Etsy shop.

Jenna Chapman in Aphrodite wings (left) and Sophia Astone in Tendril wings (right)

Jenna Chapman in Aphrodite wings (left) and Sophia Astone in Tendril wings (right)

Dreamy Flower Fairies

Dreamy Flower Fairies

Sophia Astone wearing painted blue Tendril wings with gold veins

Sophia Astone wearing painted blue Tendril wings with gold veins

Jenna Chapman in Aphrodite wings

Jenna Chapman in Aphrodite wings


They are ready to ship upon purchase unlike my other listings which normally take at least 4 weeks for production and delivery. Here are a few more photos from that shoot with more views of the wings 🙂 Here are the links to the listings:

Aphrodite wings in tulip colors – https://www.etsy.com/listing/189726868/large-aphrodite-iridescent-fairy-wings?ref=related-0
Tenril wings in blue colors – https://www.etsy.com/listing/122686317/medium-tendril-painted-iridescent-fairy?ref=listing-shop-header-0

If you’re attending Myth Masque this is your lucky day!

MUAH: Alicia Desmarias
Costuming: etsy.com/shop/MelodyBB
Wings: FancyFairy.com
Model: Jenna Chapman
Photography: CarleneImagery.com

#mythmasque #flowerfairies #fancyfairy #ballerinafairy

Commissioned Silvermist large fairy wings

Silvermist Wings Front

Silvermist Wings Front


Silvermist fairy wings back view












I made these as a commission from a customer and have a couple extra frames I cut. They are up now in my Etsy store here:
#tinkerbell #silvermist #fairywings #fancyfairy

I’m excited to announce that our Fairy model, Jenna Chapman, will be on the cover of FAE Magazine’s summer issue wearing the Aphrodite wings!

FAE Magazine Summer Issue cover featuring Fancy Fairy Aphrodite wings

FAE Magazine Summer Issue cover featuring Fancy Fairy Aphrodite wings

MUAH: Alicia Desmarias
Costuming: etsy.com/shop/MelodyBB
Wings: FancyFairy.com
Model: Jenna Chapman
Photography: CarleneImagery.com

The Rose Fairy

Jenna Chapman as the Rose Fairy in painted Aphrodite wings.

Jenna as the Rose Fairy

Jenna as the Rose Fairy


Jenna and the butterflies














MUAH: Alicia Desmarias


Costuming: etsy.com/shop/MelodyBB


Wings: FancyFairy.com


Model: Jenna Chapman


Photography: CarleneImagery.com


Planning for Flight

I worked on some new wing design sketches last night for the new Silver Edition line that will replace the current one. There is still more work and tweaking to do.

New wing ideas

New wing ideas

Which ones do you like best?

*You know the drill, these designs are © Fancy Fairy Wings & Things, do not use without permission, though using the ‘share’ feature to share with your friends is smiled upon by the fae 🙂

Chasing Butterflies

Lily and Rose fairies, with a flutter of butterflies.

Lily and Rose fairies with butterflies

Lily and Rose fairies with butterflies

PHOTOGRAPHY: CarleneImagery.com
MUAH: Alicia Desmarais Flores
WINGS: FancyFairy.com
Models: (left) Sophia Astone (right) Jenna Chapman
‪#‎flowerfairies‬ ‪#‎fairies‬ ‪#‎fairytalelife‬ ‪#‎fancyfairy‬ #butterflies
*Do not use or re-upload without list of photography credits. Using a ‘share’ feature is of course encouraged 🙂

More Flower Fairies!

Another gorgeous image from Carlene Imagery of the Flower Fairy shoot.

Lily and Rose Flower Fairies

Lily and Rose Flower Fairies

PHOTOGRAPHY: Carlene Imagery – CarleneImagery.com
MUAH: Alicia Desmarais Flores

WINGS: Fancy Fairy Wings & Things!  – FancyFairy.com

COSTUMING: Melody Butte-Blatt MelodyBB on Facebook
Models: (left) Sophia Astone (right) Jenna Chapman

*Do not re-upload without express written permission, or without full credits and a link back to our websites.

Fairies, the Garden of Winged Things is now available in the Fancy Fairy Zazzle and DeviantArt stores. Go to zazzle.com/fancyfairy* or faeryazarelle.deviantart.com/art/Garden-Of-Winged-Things-Signed-449508518

Garden of Winged Things

Garden of Winged Things

*© FancyFairy.com Do not use or re-distribute without written permission. To share, use the ‘share’ feature or if -re-uploading you must include a credit to FancyFairy.com and Angela Jarman.
You can now choose from postcards, notebooks, fine art prints and more!

Easter Flower Fairies

Happy Easter, however you celebrate it. Here’s to spring and all the beauty it brings  Feel free to use the share button.
Wings by Fancy Fairy Wings & Things – fancyfairy.com
Photo by Carlene Imagery – carleneimagery.com
Costumes by MelodyBB – http://www.etsy.com/shop/MelodyBB
Models Sophia Astone and Jenna Chapman

*Do not re-upload without express written permission, or without full credits and a link back to our websites.

Flower Fairies and Golden Egg

Flower Fairies and Golden Egg


Morpho Wings Painted in Grape Purple Colors

  Morpho Wings Painted in Grape Purple Colors

I think these wings would be perfect for a#purplewedding, don’t you? ;D These are the Morpho wings painted in grape purple tones going out to a customer. And yes, I’m making a reference to #GOT! I’m so satisfied now and cannot wait to find out what happens next week!
*Image ©Fancy Fairy Wings & Things, do not use without full credit or link back to fancyfairy.com.
#purplewings #purplebutterfly #fairywings

Official Preview From the Flower Fairy Photo Shoot

Photo by Carlene Imagery – http://www.CarleneImagery.com
HAMUP by Alicia Desmarais Flores
Corsetry and costuming by MelodyBB Melody Butte-Blatt
Wings by Fancy Fairy Wings & Things!
Models Left Jenna Chapman Right Sophia Astone

Just a sneak peak 😉

Didn't I hear that fairies put knots in your hair while you're asleep?

Didn’t I hear that fairies put knots in your hair while you’re asleep?

Sophia relaxing & looking dreamy

Sophia relaxing & looking dreamy

#ewabug #fairywings #behindthescenes #ballerina #fairytalelife
Models Sophia Astone & Jenna Chapman
MUA & hair by Alicia Desmarais,
Photographer Carlene Imagery – CarleneImagery.com
Costumes by Melody BB Corsetry – www.etsy.com/shop/MelodyBB
Wings by Fancy Fairy Wings & Things – http://www.fancyfairy.com

Although it’s a cloudy day, it’s beginning to look like spring here with the new Aphrodite wings painted in daffodil or tulip colors with custom green veins.Spring has sprung! Flower Fairy Wings

They will be used for a very special photo shoot this weekend, so make sure to subscribe. You can also follow me now on Google+ as Fancy Fairy Wings & Things. I know, it’s a little confusing and weird but I’m hoping we can all figure it out and find each other there 🙂 ❤

Fairies, a few years ago I brought this wing design into Second Life™. It’s been one of my favorites and is even used in my logo, yet I’ve never made a real life pair until now. A customer commissioned it, so I finally got to make a set in the flesh. This set is done in the new Patina Green color, with silver veins. Another painted version is being worked on as we speak as well, so stay tuned 🙂 Info on the outfit in this mannequin available here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/fancyfairy/13449860575/in/set-72157623250505397


Back view of Aphrodite wings in Patina Green. This particular film has a softer and slightly matte finish on the back side, making for a more satin glow.


Front view of Aphrodite wings

Aphrodite Wings in Patina Green

Side view, Aphrodite wings with Patina Green film and silver veins.
*Please note my images are NOT stock! Do not use or re-distribute. If sharing use links or, give proper credit to http://www.fancyfairy.com and link back to me. Thanks 🙂

Edwardian Ball San Francisco 2014

My boyfriend and I at the ball. The gown is the one that I made from scratch, as is the headpieces and wings of course. We had a great time, and this year there were fairies in the lodge at the Mystical Midway! I already can’t wait for next year.
*Photo by Ezra Croft

Teasel Wings in Tropical

This was a custom painted wing order, the colors requested were yellow fading to green and turquoise blue. You can find this style in my Etsy store here:

2 prototype costumes are now up for auction at my ebay store! They were originally made with the hopes of getting produced and sold in retail stores but did not get picked up. So that means these are both one-of-a-kind! Both costumes include a pair of Silver Edition wings. Click the link below:


Titania Fairy Queen Costume

Titania Fairy Queen Prototype Costume from Fancy Fairy

Azarelle Red Fairy Costume

Azarelle Fairy Costume from Fancy Fairy

Tink Pixie Wings by Fancy Fairy

Tink Fairy Wings Available Now!

Now you can own your own RL pair of Tink Fairy Wings by going here:


I’ve custom painted a pair of RL Kira wings with a similar pattern to the same wings I make in Second Life™.
You can go straight to the auction here:

I can never get the same paint job done twice so these will be a one of a kind.
PaintedKiraSide1 KiraBlueGreenPaintedBack

ALL newer scripted fairy wings are now marked at half off – only $175L! This sale lasts only until Christmas day so hurry in to my main store and grab some ‘fairy’ great deals!

LM below:


Just a small sampling of the wings on sale! Use the gift vendor to send a Fancy Fairy item to your loved one (located in the main entry near the new releases)

Just released, a very classic and pixie inspired silhouette in 4 different color options! Find them at the Fancy Fairy main store:)


Just released! Inspired by the Monarch butterfly but infused with a bit of fairy dust:) Animated wings come in 5 different sizes, with one flexi resizable pair. All have re-color and glow menus, and are also modifiable via the edit window!

And here is the RL version of the same wings:

Although we still don’t have a building for the new Glamour store, I have released the first series of skins, Avalon, at the main Fancy Fairy store! Located on the top floor in the Skins section.


You get 2 skin tones with each skin purchase, as well as mod brows and a mod shape! Single skins (well, doubles really, due to the 2nd tone) are $400L, sets of 3 are $650L, and the Fatpack for $2000L includes 6 makeups that are not available individually. Free demos are available.

Glamour AvalonSkin2
Glamour Avalon Skin1

I’ve got my files recovered, and soon the new Avalon makeup line will be released under the Glamour label:)
Glamour Teaser BoardsOak

I have had one of my worst nightmares come true – my hard drive died, with all my artwork, business graphics and Second Life™ Photoshop files.

All I have left now are the tga’s I uploaded. Luckily I did upload a natural makeup skin of each tone, but all my editing layers are gone and will have to be re-created. I had been planning on uploading and having a line ready for sale by tomorrow, but obviously my plans are much delayed.

I really feel like all the wind has been sucked out of me, I was so excited to get this new venture going!

By the way if anyone knows of a Data Recovery company with a clean room that has starting costs under $800 do let me know. I realize that would be hard to find, but refuse to believe I will never have my work files back.

A new makeup for the upcoming Glamour skin line, is now available as a group gift to Fancy Fairy Update Group members! It’s free to join, so grab it while you can:) We’re hoping to open Glamour within the week.

Serene in Sienna

I just had to take photos in this new outfit from my dear friend and hell of a talented SL™ creator, Gypsy Tripsa! Her store is called Gypsy Tears, and this particular outfit that has just been released is named “Sienna”.
I just love the colors and the mixture of lace with earthy textured fabrics.
Not shown, but also included, are a lace choker, henna body tattoo and optional skirt.
I’m wearing the Bloodvine Fairy wings in the Autumn color from my own store, Fancy Fairy.
The skin is a soon to be released one from the upcoming “Glamour” line that Gypsy and I are working on.
The hair, which I am also in love with lately, is called “Huntress” from Fishy Strawberry.
I have to get to work so didn’t have time to find the LM’s to paste here, I’ll try and update later:)

I’ve taken some snapshots of the new skintones I’m getting ready to release. Feedback is welcome! I have ended up with far more tones than I intended, but I really love offering a wide range for whatever it is I’m putting out.
Are there any tones that you think are not neccessary? I can still see a difference, say, between the Alabaster and Birch, but can anyone else? 😛
Each skin will include a tattooed or embellished version, un-tattooed version, and a couple makeup options.
Eyebrows are modifiable!

Glamour Ebony Skin Glamour Teak Skin Glamour Sandalwood Skin Glamour Oak Skin Glamour Almond Skin Glamour Maple Skin Glamour Alabaster Skin Glamour Birch Skin Glamour Aether 2 Glamour Dark Drow Glamour Aether light Glamour Absinthe Light Glamour Bluebelle Glamour Daffodil Skin Glamour Moss Skin7

I currently have some special offers up on both iOffer and ebay!
On eBay you’ll find collectibles from my personal collection, and on iOffer there is a special discount on the Retail Azarelle Fairy Wings and the fairy dresses!
Check out my iOffer.com selection here:
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And my eBay auctions here:

Select items have been marked down at the main Fancy Fairy store in Wildewood. This spring colors, greens, pinks, etc and you will find some great deals! Please note, the discount room, and the already marked down older scripted wings are not included in this sale, as they already sort of are;)
These are just a couple of the things on sale now:
Radiant Rose gown with Aphrodite wings

Group Gift Skins!

Just a reminder, if you haven’t already grabbed them, go now to the Fancy Fairy update group archives and get these 2 new skins, not yet released! They are part of a new line that will be under the Glamour label, together with my partner in crime, Gypsy Tripsa:)

We’re hoping to have something out in the next week or two, so stay tuned – and in the meantime here are some snaps of the gift skins.
Moss Skin Group Gift
Aether Skin Group Gift

New Skin Teaser!

A new skin line is coming soon from Fancy Fairy under a new label! More info to come soon:) Below is a photo of the FREE group gift skin that’s in the Fancy Fairy update group notice archives right now!
Other Credits:

Hair: from *69*

Wings: Aphrodite wings in Tea Rose from Fancy Fairy

Lingerie: Lace Leaf lingerie from Fancy Fairy (RFL item)

Jewelry: Alienbear (Easter hunt gift)

BetaSkinTeaser from Fancy Fairy

I’ve put up a few pairs of RL fairy wings on eBay today, including a pair of wings inspired by my SL™ Kira wings with hand painted iridescent film!

Check it out here!

"Bad Faery" purple iridescent wings

"Bad Faery" purple iridescent wings

Find a complete set of scripted “Flick” pastel fairy wings in the Fancy Fairy group notices!

Flick Pastel Scripted Wings - Fancy Fairy Group Gift!

You can now find Fancy Fairy’s newest addition, Flick, in the New Release section at the main Fancy Fairy store in Wildewood. Available in 6 different color variations:
Sprig Green
All hand painted of course and scripted / animated. Each set includes 5 pairs of wings in different sizes with multiple animation, re-color and glow menu:)

I’ve put out a special edition of the Lace Leaf Lingerie in purple, all proceeds from this outfit go to Relay for Life to further cancer research.

It is currently only available in my main store in Wildewood.

I know I should write up a paragraph or so about why donating something to this cause is important to me, but sometimes it’s hard to go back and look at what we all went thru before my dad passed away from lung cancer. If you’re interested at all in the story, or any of the things I researched about it during that time, I have my myspace blogs here:

I hope that took you to the right page… anyway, you might not want to read it, some of it is harsh… all I would like to think about right now is that I don’t have the money to donate cash and so I’m happy to be able to do something, as small as that is.
LaceLeaf Purple set

A Lingerie set made entirely of leaves in 4 color variations: Green, Autumn, Icey and Dark.

Partially decayed portions of the leaves leave a lacy and detailed trim on the bra cups which are sprinkled with shimmery dew drops. The same leaf ‘lace’ forms a heart on the front of the bikini and makes a peek-a-boo opening on the back.  A leafy panty ruffle in the back gives a flirty flounce to your rear:)

Comes on multiple layers, with and without the garters, and also includes a ‘bare’ version of the bra. Each set is $199L. Available at the Fancy Fairy flagship store in Wildewood!

LaceLeafDarkset Lace Leaf Icey set LaceLeafAutumnset

Siddean Munro has just done the fae community a huge favor, and made sculpted prim feet to be worn barefoot! We've all seen the mega high heeled platform shoes with sculpted feet in them, but I'd always longed for just the feet themselves to be worn unfettered so I could dance around the mushroom rings barefoot like a proper faery. Now you can! So far just female feet, maybe she has plans for a male set as well?
They are tintable to any color to match your skin, and come with a nifty hud where you can change the color, size, and even the nail color:)
I was so excited about these that I now have a vendor for them at my main store in Wildewood. They are $500L, which I think is very reasonable for such a well made neccessity as this:P
Slink Bare Sculpted Feet closer

These wings were previously only available at a hunt back in October, now they are available as full scripted wing sets in 4 different color variations! They are earthy, spikey and worn, fitting for woodland and gothic faeries.
Currently only available at the main store in Wildewood.

These really work for ladies and men!

Thistle Scripted Wings in "Dust"
Thistle Scripted Wings in "Plasma"
Thistle Scripted Wings in "Absinthe"
Thistle Scripted Wings in "Grave"

Now, newbies have a choice – no longer must they arrive into SL™ in a somewhat sterile and boring environment, to be left wondering, “what do I do next? Where do I find (fill in the blank)?”

If someone you know wants to join SL™ for the first time and wants to be a part of the fantasy community, now they can enter through the new Orientation Portal at the Faery Crossing Gateway!

Here’s the link

LM’s to fae markets and public areas are easily available, as well as full avatars and fantasy themed outfits free for newbs (you’ll find some from me, and Gypsy Tears too). There is even a ferry, the Faery Ferry, that will take you on a tour around the Faery Crossing lands and bring you safely to the mushroom ring. No more wandering aimlessly about, wondering how to find the faeries. Instead you’ll land right smack-dab into the community you always wished for:)
Intro to the Faery Crossing
Avie freebies for the new fae
through the clouds